Timeline of events tudor history

In Francis Drake having being informed of this military build up in the Spanish port of Cadiz set out with a small pirate force and sailed boldly into Cadiz and set fire to many of the Spanish ships and then beat a hasty retreat. This put to Armada date back more than a year. In the Spanish had rebuilt their fleet and finally set sail towards England.

Their plan was to sail towards the Spanish ruled Netherlands and pick up a mass of soldiers and then attack London.

timeline of events tudor history

The English had been following the massive build up of arms in Cadiz as such huge purchases from all over Europe were impossible to keep secret. The English fleet was under the command of Lord Charles Howard and was split into three parts. English lookouts spotted the huge Armada of ships sailing in battle ready crescent formation off the coast of Cornwall.

This news was signalled to all southern coastal ports and London within hours using the old Roman method of lighting fires on chosen hills Beacons. Drake, as legend has it, was in no hurry to set sail from Plymouth but chose to first finish his game of bowls. The story goes that Drake did fire a few shots at long range and sank a couple of the huge Spanish Galleons but he was more interested in seeking out the Spanish paymasters ship for a bit of pirating.

The English stayed and had tried half heartedly, on and off to conquer Ireland for the next years as they found their land in France much more agreeable. They were called Plantations. When Elizabeth turned England Protestant she found herself on a small Protestant island surrounded by an angry Catholic Europe to the east and south and a Catholic Ireland to the west.

This naturally led to riots and attacks on the planted English Farms which eventually involved Spanish forces who came to help their Catholic brothers. In all there were five major riots each lasting years rather than months. He failed and left his army behind in Ireland to fend for themselves. Elizabeth was furious even though the two acted like lovers. Essex was banished from court.

The second time Elizabeth took no chances with flamboyant favourites and sent one of her best army captains, Charles Blount the Lord Mountjoy. This time the crack Irish militia were conquered and their leaders surrendered.

Sadly they decided Ireland was no longer their home and left for Catholic France where they disappeared without trace. This left the whole of Ulster leaderless and many farms vacant and Elizabeth certainly did not stand in the way of the many Protestant English and Presbyterian Scots from filling the vacuum. Gaelic Ireland was never the same again as the English and Scots brought in their culture and advanced farming methods.

Elizabeth was the first English monarch to rule the whole of Ireland. Elizabeth was born into a country experiencing the birth of a new religion, the Protestant version of Christianity.

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This was not the first split in the Christian church. Indeed years earlier the Church leaders in Constantinople split from those in Rome creating the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic denominations.

In Tudor times they split again. This is called the Reformation and was started by a German priest Martin Luther who rebelled against the corrupt practices of the Christian Church of Western Europe based in Rome which had made the Church immensely rich by selling the idea to the poor parishioners that to get to heaven it was necessary to pay the Church lots of money. Similarly to be forgiven earthly sins more money had to change hands, the so called selling of indulgencies. Protestants thought that bibles and prayer books must be in English rather than Latin and similarly that church services should be in English rather than Latin.

They also preached that parishioners should not always ask the priest how to interpret the Bible but that they should learn to read and think through the scriptures for themselves.Please keep in mind these are not all the events in his life, but some of the most important events that, in my opinion, shaped who he was at the end of his life.

Henry viii was a ruthless King who abused his position of power whilst under pressure to keep the Tudor dynasty going on after his death. The lives of any one or organisation that stood in the way of this were destroyed. Thank you for this! Very important days in deed. I had my calculator out putting his age through different events and happenings.

I also enjoy the timeline and I thank you. I do have one question, however. Just for curiosity sake only. I always have such a hard time wrapping my mind around the Tudor times of Henry VIII; this was a great way for me to see it in timeline approach. So much activity for 1 person! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Share this:. Ways to Die During the Tudor Period. Lettice Knollys: Cousin vs Queen Part 2. But again, thanks so much on the time line.

Click here to cancel reply. Please Login to Comment. Search for:. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Project Britain. The Tudors were a Welsh-English family that ruled England from to The Tudor dynasty ended when Henry's grand-daughter Elizabeth I died childless. Read more about Tudor Britain Although this meant peace between the two countries, the marriage also gives James IV's descendents a claim to the English throne.

In a fortnight of ceremonies and entertainments, the English and French kings attempted to outshine each other with extravagant clothes and jewels, lavish tents and spectacular feasts, jousts and games.

timeline of events tudor history

Henry himself was never a Protestant, but the break with Rome was a huge encouragement to Protestants in England. A devout Catholic, she was determined to halt the growth of Protestantism initiated by her father, and return England to Roman Catholicism. Medieval Stuart. You may not redistribute, sell or place the content of this page on any other website or blog without written permission from the Mandy Barrow.

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What's happening this month? Timeline of the Kings and Queens. History of the Union Flag. Cookie Policy. Thomas Wolsey becomes a cardinal and Lord Chancellor. Thomas Wolsey is made papal legate, making him effectively head of the English church.

He was the most powerful man in England after the king.

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Thomas Wolseyunable to arrange the king's divorce from Catherine of Aragon, was stripped of his offices and died on his way to face a charge of treason. September: Anne Boleyn gives birth to Elizabeth. Act of Union joined England and Wales The Laws in Wales Acts of and attempted to regularise the relationship between the two nations, by introducing the English legal system in Wales.

English became the official language of administration. Destruction or closure of monasteries and religious houses. Mary, Queen of Scots laid claim to the English throne.

Sir Francis Drake set sails for his first voyage to the West Indies. First performance of a play by William Shakespeare.

Population of Britain just over 4 million. Click here for Information on the Tudors. Prehistoric Britain BC. Roman Britain 43 AD. Anglo Saxon Britain Viking Britain Medieval Britain Tudor Britain Although he was destined for the church rather than the throne — somewhat ironically, given his later break with Rome — he nevertheless received an impressive education.

Henry VII was shrewd, cynical, and was known for having a mercurial temperament. Henry loved to dance, feast, hunt, and, most importantly, he seemed determined to break with tradition and forge his own path.

Tudor timeline: 10 momentous dates

Prince Arthur had been formally betrothed to Katherine of Aragon, and they were married in following her arrival in England. The young couple lived in Ludlow Castle, but after only six months Arthur fell ill and died on 2 Aprilpossibly from the sweating sickness. Although it was never proven one way or the other, Henry claimed it was the catalyst for his later annulment.

He would later state that his father had confided in him on his deathbed, instructing him to marry Katherine, thus securing an alliance between England and the Spanish Empire. But the love affair was short-lived: the marriage had caused rifts personally, religiously and politically — in England and throughout Europe — but Henry expected that his sacrifices would be worth the son and heir Anne had promised to give him.

However, politically Anne was a liability. The marriage was not recognised by foreign powers: the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, refused to acknowledge the marriage, and France followed suit. InAnne gave birth to a girl, Elizabeth — not the long-desired son and heir, which Henry believed would secure the Tudor dynasty. After almost three years as queen, Anne Boleyn was arrested along with five courtiers, including her brother, and executed on trumped up charges of adultery and treason.

The rebellions were eventually quashed, and despite a promise of pardon, Aske and other leaders were executed. Jane would not conceive for several months after marriage but her pregnancy progressed well, and after two marriages, countless miscarriages, stillbirths and two girls, Henry finally got his longed-for son and heir: Prince Edward. Edward was born at Hampton Court after a long and difficult labour, to the great relief of his parents and the country. Jane had done her duty, but she fell ill within days of giving birth, suffering from puerperal fever, an infection of some of the female reproductive organs that can occur after childbirth.

timeline of events tudor history

She died on 24 October, and was buried at Windsor. Henry and his ministers, notably Thomas Cromwell, implemented dramatic changes within the English church, following the break with Rome. Henry had already declared himself to be the Supreme Head of the Church in England, and in work began in earnest to produce the first printed English-language Bible, which was published by Myles Coverdale.

Timeline of Top Tudor Events

It was a turning point in English history. More than 2, copies of the Bible were printed in Paris, and it was distributed in churches throughout England. Coverdale had used, and expanded upon, the work of William Tyndale, an English scholar and passionate religious reformer, who had been executed for heresy in Plagued by ill health for the latter half of his reign, Henry was constantly in pain, and had become almost as mercurial as his father.

His eldest half-sister Mary succeeded him [although technically Lady Jane Grey reigned for nine days in between them], but Mary, too, failed to produce an heir, and reigned for only five years. After the deaths of her half-siblings, Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, ascended the throne.

Her reign marked the evolution of the Church of England, and the restoration of England as a political power. Elizabeth reigned for 45 years. She died in at the age of 69, and was buried in Westminster Abbey, next to her half-sister, Mary.

Edward VI (1547 - 1553) - 10 Minute History

Elizabeth I had never married and produced heirs, so James was the most popular candidate for the throne, and had the strongest claim when Elizabeth — and the Tudor line — died in James ruled England, Scotland and Ireland for 22 years.

A Protestant monarch, James was tolerant towards his Catholic subjects, but his religious policies nevertheless faced opposition — in a serious plot was foiled to blow up parliament and the House of Lords.

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To find out more, visit www. Home Period Elizabethan Tudor timeline: 10 momentous dates. Photo by Getty Images. Cold War. Hunting down the Portland Spy Ring. Rethinking Nero: was the Roman emperor really so bad?See also: Tudor Executions — Heather Y Wheeler. The Tudors — Timeline. This timeline details the main events that happened during the reign of the Tudors from the Battle of Bosworth Field in to the accession of James I in See also: Tudor Executions — He was proclaimed King on the same day, beginning the dynasty of the Tudors.

The marriage united the houses of Lancaster and York and ended the thirty year conflict known as the Wars of the Roses. Simnel had claimed to be Edward Plantagenet, Earl of Warwick.

Henry hoped that this alliance with Spain would enhance the status of the Tudors. The pretender to the throne, Perkin Warbeck was captured and imprisoned. An outbreak of plague killed around 30, people. A second daughter, Annewas born to Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn.

A Perpetual peace was to last for the lifetime of each king and their legitimate heirs and successors. The allies of each country were to be given the opportunity to be included in the treaty. Prince Arthur, heir to the throne, died of an unknown illness at Ludlow Castle. Henry wanted his son free to enable him to make alternative marriage negotiations that would be more beneficial for England and the Tudors.

King James IV of Scotland was killed. The marriage was part of a peace agreement between England and France. The new King of France, Francis I, witnessed the marriage. The story is traditionally told that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg but this is now disputed as being symbolic rather than an actual act.

Nevertheless, this marks the beginning of the Reformation. The treaty agreed that if any one country was attacked the others would come to their aid. The name of the event is derived from the cloth of gold tents that were erected on the site. The secret treaty agreed a joint invasion of France within the next two years. A daughter, Kathryn was born to Jocastawife of Edmund Howard. She was the niece of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk.

Divorce Crisis Henry began to have serious doubts about the validity of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon sparking what became known as the Divorce Crisis.Heather Y Wheeler. He was styled Duke of Richmond from birth.

History of England

His mother was allowed to maintain contact with her son. King Henry VI was restored to the throne. Edward IV returned to the throne. It is thought that Henry VI was murdered on the same day. Henry, the Lancaster heir to the throne, was taken to Brittany for safety by his uncle, Jasper Tudor.

While there he managed to escape to the sanctuary of a monastery. Edward IV died.

King Henry VII of England and Wales 1457 – 1509

He was succeeded by his son, twelve year old Edward V. Richard, Duke of Gloucesterwas to act as regent. Henry publicly swore an oath in Reims Cathedral stating that once he was King he would marry Elizabeth of York. Titulus Regius This act, passed by Parliament, formally declared Richard to be lawful King and settled the succession on his son Edward. Henry landed at Milford Haven and marched inland picking up support along the way. The 10 year old Edward was placed in the Tower of London.

An act was passed that returned to the crown all lands it had lost during the Wars of the Roses. Lincoln was killed and Lambert Simnel, was captured and set to work in the royal kitchens. Elizabeth of York, was crowned Queen consort at Westminster Abbey. The people of Yorkshire rebelled against a tax imposed to help Henry support Brittany maintaining independence from France. Henry introduced a new coin. It was a golden sovereign that depicted Henry VII wearing a crown.

Perkin Warbecka new pretender to the throne emerged.

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